Hello! I’m Andrew, a programmer in the DC area. I somehow tricked everyone into believing that I’m a competent public speaker and programmer — it’s probably something to do with my skin color and gender, and that sucks.

I once saw a conference talk by Kronda which changed the way I thought about the privilege that I have — I had previously felt quite guilty about my situation, but she implanted the idea of leveraging my privileges to help correct the terribleness.

There’s a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem with conference speaking sometimes — not everyone wants to take a risk on someone new. I’ve found that after professional recordings of my previous talks were online, conferences were much more comfortable with selecting my talks — and those conferences were more likely to produce professional recordings. So how do you get your first recording online?

This is where I can help — I’m certainly not the most qualified, but I have a background in technical theater and the resources to give it a try. I could use your help, if you believe in what I am doing — open an issue and tell me your story.

Don’t believe in my mission? That’s okay, I’ll keep doing me. As my favorite non-profit bar says, “Life is good, ya-ya.”

If you think your conference, meetup, or talk fits our mission and would like it to be recorded, drop us a line and we’ll be in touch soon.

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